With ATSC 3.0 all set to roll out along with the launch of 5G TV, broadcasters would be able to offer differentiated OTT services complementing their OTA broadcasts. OTA and OTT integration goes mainstream with GAIATV 3.0’s value added offering for broadcasters. This would allow uninterrupted and seamless viewing experience and more effective transmission. Broadcasters signing up for OTA+OTT as a service platform will have an up and running OTT streaming service immediately. They get to choose app look and feel, define app features, specify content restrictions, and configure payment terms in a self-care portal. All aspects of content workflow are automated for them in simple widget style business portal UI. Broadcasters also get access to usage reports, service performance and content popularity reports in their business portal.

OTT as the game changer for ATSC 3.0

OTT does not just mean internet based streaming but it means opening many business avenues for broadcasters and content providers. The Advanced Television Systems Committee finalized ATSC 3.0 standard to enable broadcasters to deliver IP-based video, addressable advertising and interactive elements, such that viewers – even those accessing via over the air(OTA) will get an improved experience that includes 4K UHD (and HDR) broadcasts.

ATSC 3.0 brings disruptive technologies in the ability to do both broadcast and broadband activity at the same time. Thus opening huge avenues to the competitive dynamics of server provider market. The new set of API with GAIATV 3.0’s OTA+OTT as a service will make it easy and effective to deploy and integrate HDR that is optimized for delivery of high quality and efficient linear content delivery, thus holding the key to broadcasters success.

Features -

Seamless merging of OTT and OTA delivery mediums and associated technologies on both sides, to ensure a delightful consumer UX and higher ARPU potential by offering what can truly be called NextGen TV. Next generation broadcasting platform now allows broadcasters to leapfrog to this experience by subscribing to the OTT Marketplace, where-in all functions of nextgen TV are available to broadcasters as a service. These include but are not restricted to -

  • OTT Companion service
  • Seamless (to live broadcast) DVR service
  • AdEx capability
  • Pay walling
  • Content processing and staging workflows

USP’s of OTA+OTT as a service from GAIATV 3.0

  • DRM and Non-linear Monetization
    OTA+OTT as a service provides for non-linear content viewing to its viewers. Thanks to the advanced digital rights management capabilities that help content owners to come onboard
  • Voice Assisted Conversational UI
    TV concierge services powered by the latest of virtual assistant technologies that take the form of a natural conversation
  • Open Content Marketplace
    It provides for various content providers to partner with GAIATV 3.0 and help them leverage marketplace economies
  • Broadcast Ops Integration Tools
    All the necessary tools to help the broadcasters have their operations up and running on GAIATV 3.0, and are incorporated into a simple cloud based portal that functions as one stop control panel
  • Store Ready Apps
    Apps for personal devices of various form factors that are both App store and Play store grade, helping in delivering the content of various types.

Benefits of OTA+OTT merger

Merging OTT technologies to Broadcast technologies and the economic models of OTT to the broadcast models and subsuming both to create nextgen TV is the core strategy for ATSC 3.0 broadcasters. Out of the merger everyone benefits; consumer, advertiser, broadcaster and perhaps the OTT operators. OVP’s and MVPD’s have wrested prime provider status from the original broadcasters in terms of UX, second screen experience and value added services around TV consumption. This in turn is having a negative effect on consumer loyalty as well as advertising revenues. GAIATV 3.0’s OTT marketplace offers such complimentary value to our primary broadcast that we intend to make it our only OTT service. So far, we have looked at our OTT delivery and broadcast as two separate and essential arms of our business, but OTT market place has opened our eyes to the promise of merged world where OTT and OTA co-exist to harness the ultimate value

  • OTT benefits for viewers
    • a. Personalization
    • b. Contextualization
    • c. Interaction and engagement
    • d. App and feed integrations
  • OTT benefits for broadcasters through monetization
    • a. OTT stream analytics and intelligence
    • b. Ad exchange with buy side and sell side platform
    • c. Contextual and targeted advertising
    • d. Subscription and VOD offerings

How to get on-board GAIATV 3.0’s OTA + OTT as a service?

As a market-place service, GAIATV 3.0 brings 3.0 OTT marketplace as a value added service tried and tested for the US broadcasters, available ready-to-deploy. We offer constructs and capabilities for broadcasters and advertisers as an offering to align and bring-forth value-added benefits for all stakeholders. We collaborate with retailers, service providers, content providers, and ad agencies to monetize uninterrupted and engaging high quality content delivered to consumers at any time, on any device, on any platform. The completely new concept OTA+OTT service benefits from big data store, data mining, data population, and analytics.

Steps to get on-board GAIATV 3.0

The Road Ahead