Critical App providers must reach/ notify or alert their customers instantly, as and when the need be, amid very high volume of traffic. Push notifications are the only way for these app publishers to interact directly with a user. These notifications can be urgent, convenient, and even providing value to the user. It is, therefore, very important to choose the notification service provider that can handle the large volume without crashing or missing any important message. In addition, the notifications may not be for the entire universe so localized approach for the delivery of a notification is significant, along with targeted notification text.

GAIATV 3.0 brings network notification as a service, merging the capability and infrastructure to handle large volumes, targeted market for secure, guaranteed, and robust delivery of a notification within time and in a scalable manner, at very high speeds that are otherwise unattainable. Thus providing an economically viable solution.

Salient Features of OTA notification

NGBP OTA notification is a broadcast service and hence scales much better to challenging load conditions. Notification service is offered as two components to the interested service provider. A server side WebAPI is invoked when notification functionality is desired by the application service. A restful client API is used by client apps to register to notifications. All charges are based on metered usage.


Speed, scalability, security, and high availability are the essence of GAIATV 3.0’s notification service. As devices progress and consumer digital services become more complex, traditional IP or telco based solutions face grave limitations where-in the guarantee of delivery and the service availability itself comes into question due to peak loads placed on limited delivery and reception infrastructure. Traditional methods of scaling horizontally by throwing more network and resources at the problem are not practical, as cost of service tends to raise exponentially.

Interactive push notification feature from GAIATV 3.0 will enable social sharing and build a feedback mechanism that will help target and retarget the audience in an effective manner.

Rich multimedia notification feature from GAIATV 3.0 will enable more engagement. Strong infrastructure and plenty of bandwidth will enable images and videos along with other graphics, for a strong content delivery network, bringing value for broadcaster, user and app publisher. OTA notification services from GAIATV 3.0 brings personalized push notification services that handle audience segmentation and message personalization in a more structured manner.

Automated notifications based on user actions make GAIATV 3.0’s proposition an advantageous service thus giving a unique feature for broadcasters and app publishers.

Notification even when out of internet network or app not launched feature ensures that the target audience gets the message real time, without any delay.

Benefits of Notification as a service

  • Robust and real time delivery of notifications
  • Promoting offers in a timely manner to help monetize effectively
  • Giving a personalized experience to users
  • Using insights and analytics to develop targeted notifications thus more participation
  • Interactive usage enabling more engagement
  • Allowing for transactional receipts instantly
  • Enabling social network share for value addition

USP’s of GAIATV 3.0’s OTA notification

How to get on-board GAIATV 3.0 Notification Service?

As a marketplace service, GAIATV 3.0 brings notification as a service, tried and tested for the US broadcasters, available ready-to-deploy. We offer constructs and capabilities for broadcasters and app publishers to align and bring-forth value-added benefits for all stakeholders. We collaborate with retailers, service providers, content providers, and ad agencies to monetize notification delivered to consumers at any time, on any device, on any platform. The completely new concept benefits from big data store, data mining, data population, and analytics. It ensures smart, targeted, personalized, interactive and revenue generating notifications real time, as a value based offering for all stakeholders.

The Road Ahead