Lower third marks the title-safe lower area of the screen, usually almost the third of it, allowing graphic overlay for content streaming. It can highlight any graphic element including a simple text, video, animation, to images strategically placed at the horizontal, vertical, or any space giving a third of ad-space. The broadcasters can give the space to tech solution providers who rent it out to advertisers, that enable localized and targeted ad generation in the world of ATSC 3.0. Capturing the advantages of OTA and OTT combined with next-gen TV with the advent of ATSC 3.0, GAIATV 3.0’s lower third graphics localization will enable both client and server side overlay graphic insertion services.

The current ATSC 1.0 standard only allows push based content overlay in a one size fits all model. Thus only generic ads are inserted from server side for all users for the lower third space, thus not utilizing the capabilities of targeting content for more engagement and consumption.

What is lower third graphics localization?

Lower third as a service from GAIATV 3.0 is a real-time cloud curated, overlay content generation and delivery service, offered to all broadcasters to deliver interactive, user configured and customized banners, tickers, lower third graphics and more. It is a pull based graphic insertion service, targeting content consumption patterns of connected consumers in the digital age. It satisfies consumers by keeping up with the choice and preference of the content for them.

Lower third is an automated content creation platform that sources, curates and delivers content in a targeted manner at the behest of rules and protocols set by the broadcaster. Few of its customization capabilities can be passed on to consumers as well.

Benefits of lower third service

By decoupling the curation from the studio to the cloud, and delivering targeted content to consumers inside the broadcasts, it is made more personal and interactive. Broadcasters continue to own and control the type, nature, and style of content being curated. User choices are limited to what the broadcaster allows him to configure.

  • Offers free and premium services – Interactive lower third give a novel interactive experience to viewers by offering a choice of free and premium services
  • Ad supported revenue generation – It helps generate more revenues by pushing ad bundles with your services
  • Know your customer analytics – Get valuable customer metrics and gain insights into customer behavior, thus tweak your ads for better conversion
  • Pre integrated with 30+ internet feeds and portals – Pre-integrated feeds make programming the lower 3rd effortless
  • Drag and drop designer to create custom graphics – Create stunning graphics for users using GAIATV 3.0’s out of the box tools
  • Better user experience – The existing advertising model for L3 is interruptive for the viewing experience. In addition, with push based graphic insertion; it was an altogether disinteresting proposition for a user. However, with ATSC 3.0 standards and GAIATV 3.0’s lower third service, the immense opportunities that have opened up including but not limited to personalized graphic overlays that are pull-based, gives an uninterrupted user experience.
  • Improved interactivity – User interaction will improve engagement and results of the ad-inserts at the lower 3 rd space. This will improve brand metrics and enable creative usage of ads giving an un-intrusive experience. Thus giving a viable fitment to graphic overlays at lower 3rd space.
  • Targeted ads – This is the most crucial of benefits that advertisers will derive from lower third service. Targeted ads will affect the advertising strategies in a positive way. The advertisers can tell brand wise stories within the context of programs being streamed, thus better user experience and monetization.

Scope of lower third graphics localization

By offering a capability through which, devices can render customized overlays, both user experience potential as well advertising monetization potential are significantly enhanced. As broadcasters, a transition from a broadcast all content mode to all consumers’ mode of operation, gives added advantage over the strategies adopted by online content providers. Giving choice and fidelity control of content and personalizing content for individuals is essential to continue to be the primary destination in the minds of the consumer. Lower third service delivers content in a personalized manner inside OTA broadcasts. It has essentially cloudified the overlay function in TV broadcasts and by applying advanced data science, it is able to target the overlay by consumer device and program streaming even by advertiser. This innovation opens up a completely new revenue stream for broadcasters and helps them compete for online advertising revenues

How To Get On-Board The GAIATV 3.0 Lower third service?

As a value added service, GAIATV 3.0 brings lower third service, tried and tested for the US broadcasters, available ready-to-deploy for ATSC 3.0 ready devices. We offer constructs and capabilities for broadcasters and advertisers to align and bring-forth value-added benefits for all stakeholders. We collaborate with retailers, service providers, content providers, and ad agencies to monetize content delivered to consumers at any time, on any device, on any platform. The completely new concept, it benefits from niche market classification, personalized ad-content creation, giving interactive capabilities to the lower 3 rd , big data store, data mining, data population, and analytics. Lower third ensures smart, targeted, personalized, interactive, and revenue generating content graphic overlays, thus enabling targeted advertising prepositions as a valuable offering for broadcasters, advertisers, as well as end users.

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