With the advent ATSC 3.0 the major challenge at hand is to derive credible value from the data soaked through big data and analytics. To couple the existing data pools, meaningfully extract values from structured and unstructured data items, and to derive insights from them is the most valuable proposition being offered by contextual targeting audience measurement as a service from GAIATV 3.0. Statistics suggest that companies that utilize data sources and prescriptive analytics reports show better results on key performance indicators.

Insights as a service from GAIATV 3.0 is a cloud based service that provides insights to broadcasters and suggests steps ahead, to leverage these insights. This would clearly chalk-out action plans to streamline processes and proceed towards business goals. It provides data driven points of knowledge, insights, and foresights along with prediction analytics. It converges business intelligence and cloud services merged with analytics, to utilize data for business benefit.

Why do broadcasters need Insights as a Service?

ATSC 1.0 does not provide any medium through which audience can be targeted. A push-based process is used currently as a one size fits all model. This lack of targeting capability in current broadcast system is proving to be a major challenge faced by broadcasters, when competing with online video delivery platforms and MVPD’s, both of which have figured out several value added services and revenue generation capabilities using the so called “reverse path”. Unfortunately, broadcasters are yet to figure out the core-winning proposition and mechanics surrounding monetization through reverse channel.

The definition and the dimensions of targeting are being redefined in 3.0. From a predominantly one size fits all broadcast world, ATSC 3.0 is ushering in ability to target; by user behavior, environmental conditions, device profiles, and more. Such targeting capability, who, how and what of targeting are undergoing major enhancements in capabilities. At the center of this major innovation is data science applied on user and environmental data followed by application of ATSC 3.0 transport schemes, resulting in smarter targeting which in turn is directly proportional to the effectiveness of service, leading to better monetization.

GAIATV 3.0’s Insights as a Service

By seamlessly merging 3.0 ability to deliver non real time (NRT) file based content i.e. targeted push advertisements and notifications along with traditional broadcast streams, and leveraging the inherent connected nature of a future typical 3.0 device profile, a data lake based solution that performs big data processing and mining for patterns on user behavior to target content and advertisements has been envisaged by GAIATV 3.0 as contextual target audience measurement.

This not only allows for broadcasters to compete head to head with OVP’s and MVPD’s, but in many ways, by leveraging the power of live 3.0 broadcasts with this targeting technology, a broadcaster can actually leapfrog to create the next generation 3.0 TV consumption experience and advanced monetization models surrounding the same.

One of the most valuable investments on the next generation broadcast platform (NGBP) is with respect to data science and application of AI and ML technologies in predicting user behavior and usage patterns. This will help in serving them better and offer insights and analytics to potential advertisers to ensure ideal yield optimization of advertising inventories. This is an emerging domain and nextgen broadcasting will to continue to make strategic investments and seek out large partnerships in this space, for revenue generation.

Features of GAIATV 3.0’s Insights as a Service

Insights as a service by GAIATV 3.0 is set to bring revolutionizing changes to advertising in the broadcast world in ATSC 3.0 era. From one-size fits all to targeted user groups based on behavior, interests, device profiles, environmental conditions, etc.

In addition, the merger of OTA and OTT through ATSC 3.0 will enable measurement of audience behavioral patterns, data driven recommendations based on valuable insights through audience measurement metrics.

The real time dashboard of GAIATV 3.0’s insights will give real time view of statistics and actionable recommendations. It will also integrate 3rd party ad exchanges for data augmentation and deeper insights.

USP’s of GAIATV 3.0’s Insights as a Service

With 3.0 the definitions and dimensions of targeting are being redefined. From one size fits all and a push based approach, 3.0 brings in a more pull based and customized ad insertion based on audience interest, behavior and environmental conditions. Broadcasters have always dreamt of measuring audience behavior and with ATSC 3.0 this is a reality. Contextual targeting through GAIATV 3.0’s insights service gives audience measurement metrics with valuable insights used for making data driven recommendations. Real time dashboard with stats and actionable recommendations makes insights service the most valuable offering for broadcasters. It also offers 3rd party ad-exchanges for data augmentation and deeper insights.

How to get on-board GIATAV 3.0’s Insights as a Service?

As a value added service, GAIATV 3.0 brings insights, tried and tested for the US broadcasters, available ready-to-deploy for ATSC 3.0 ready devices. We offer constructs and capabilities for broadcasters and advertisers to align and bring-forth value-added benefits for all stakeholders. We collaborate with retailers, service providers, content providers, and ad agencies to monetize content delivered to consumers at any time, on any device, on any platform. The completely new concept insights as a service benefits from niche market classification, personalized ad-content creation, giving interactive capabilities to the insights, big data store, data mining, data population, and analytics. It ensures smart, targeted, personalized, interactive, and revenue generating data analytics, insights, and foresights, thus enabling targeted advertising prepositions as a valuable offering for broadcasters, advertisers, as well as end users.

The Road Ahead