The growing usage of mobile devices, and the availability of the high-speed internet across devices have posed a great challenge to the broadcasters. The smartphones connected to the internet have enabled broadcasters to set up their own channel and start broadcasting without spending even a fraction of what broadcasters have to pay.

Social media platforms have been particularly effective in distributing the media, thus having an impact on the broadcasters with respect to controlling their expenses while broadcasting media through traditional bandwidth. However, there is no support for the broadcasters who are looking to stream their media through television, therefore are losing out on revenue, and their overall impact on the target market.

The introduction of Broadcasters App as a Service by GAIATV 3.0 provides a unique opportunity for the broadcasters to embark on an effective platform and transform the challenge into an opportunity, by optimizing their broadcasting efficiency. The Broadcasters App as a Service provides a codeless appgen feature which enables the broadcasters to develop applications rapidly and to minimize the cost of app building and deploy and maintain the A/344 runtime apps quickly leveraging the GAIATV 3.0 services. Broadcasters also have the option for making the app interactive to generate maximum user engagement.

What is Broadcaster app as a service?

Broadcaster app as a service is technically the support for the broadcasters to create and share their content seamlessly across devices that are supported by the ATSC 3.0 configuration. This presents a unique opportunity for the broadcasters as well as advertisers to leverage the allotted broadcasting spectrum to get in front of the target market, at a fractional cost of what traditional broadcasting requires.

Moreover, Broadcaster App as a Service runs across any device supported by ATSC 3.0, thus allowing you to share your content irrespective of the screen size or the platform used. The codeless appgen feature makes the task of content curation and distribution fast, easy and effective, therefore reducing the cost overheads associated with each stages of the broadcast. Additionally, the service enables the retention of quality of content, therefore providing an immersive experience for the viewers.


The features of Broadcaster App as a Service from GAIATV 3.0 are:

  • Codeless Appgen - no hassles of lengthy codes to create or distribute content.
  • Drag and drop UI for faster content creation
  • Precise targeting for attracting maximum eyeballs
  • Interactive ad insertion for generating revenues for advertisers


  • End solution to interactive content app
    Broadcaster apps provide the complete end solution to effectively build and deploy interactive content app to help broadcasters to share their content through codeless app generation. Broadcasters can concentrate more on the content without worrying about the coding required to make the app interactive.
  • Easy and fast app building and deployment
    The easy and hassle free platform allows the broadcasters and content creators to build their apps fast and deploy the broadcast media across channels without wasting time on generating codes. A simple drag and drop interface makes app building easier

Challenges in the existing ecosystem

  • Loss of ad revenue and broadcasting ROI due to increased time consumption while creating broadcasting apps
  • Difficulty in adapting and deploying broadcast media due to criticality of codes

How to onboard GAIATV 3.0?

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