GAIATV 3.0 brings full-suite of weather alert value-added service for all participating NGBP broadcasters to enhance their offerings across user base. Alerts received at the right time can avert mishaps and avoid uncertainty to a great extent. Through GAIATV 3.0’s advanced weather alerting service; a broadcaster’s current alerting capabilities would get enhanced to a full throttle. This would be a major upgrade to the existing emergency communication services that are basic and affected by power and network outages, system congestion and delay in transmission. Weather bulletins from GAIATV 3.0 ensure uninterrupted and timely emergency alert on multiple platforms, even overcoming the bottlenecks of power outage, jammed cellular network, improper mobile reception and other server level issues. Thus safeguarding the lives of users.

What are Weather Bulletins? How can AWARN features help broadcasters add further to viewer’s quality of life?

Advanced weather alerting solution from GAIATV 3.0 is a nextgen terrestrial broadcasting service offering sub DMA targeting, client-rendered graphics, cloud curated hi-fidelity and personalized content, big data driven smart targeting, companion OTT services, low latency notifications, NRT signaling and delivery capabilities; through A344 app authoring framework as a building block for NGBP alerting system.

Alerting is an extremely important service for a broadcaster and this can help give them a competitive edge. Since there were no opportunities for revenue generation in this service, most broadcasters keep it until federal mandate limits as beyond that would require huge cash outlays. However, with weather bulletins GAIATV 3.0 brings a cost-effective and advanced alerting service, that would unify all the alerting platforms in the stipulated timeline for any emergency. It offers cloud-based services via ATSC towers to provide contextual, targeted, hi-fidelity and interactive alerts. They use over the air (OTA) and satellite signals that are extremely powerful in reception and provide real time alerts right on television and other connected devices, ensuring quality of life for its viewers.

Features Of GAIATV 3.0’s Weather Alerting Service

Benefits of Advanced Weather Alerting System

  • Simultaneous distribution of emergent media-alerts across channels and devices in the entire broadcast coverage area
  • Unaffected by power interruption, server outage, congestion or overload in cellular service provider’s network
  • Multi-media alerts to include video, maps, and radar images, pictorial or graphical instructions, shelter locations, etc.
  • Interactive as it includes deeper and more structured response information to help safeguard the user
  • Multi-lingual and accessible alerts to ensure better reach even for the aurally or visually impaired as well
  • During the time of disaster, advanced weather alerting services stay up for days or even weeks, as they use hardened generators from broadcast stations that are tested for rugged conditions
  • It will leverage higher data throughput ensuring robust transmission and improved indoor reception even during the times of extreme emergency

USP’s of GAIATV 3.0’s Advanced Weather Alerting Service

  • Cloud Curated Content
    Data augmentation and high fidelity personalized alerts make them even more helpful.
  • Social Participation
    Whether it is keeping your near and dear ones informed or getting help from a neighbor, social media integration makes it easy.
  • Low Capex
    A completely cloud-based solution means no expensive infrastructure investments.
  • Smart Targeting
    Leveraging the core capabilities of sub DMA targeting powered by big data and analytics.
  • Reliable Delivery
    NRT signaling and delivery in an ATSC 3.0 world means low latency, secure and a guaranteed delivery.

Advanced weather alerting service – The Broadcaster Advantage

There are ample benefits in-store for broadcasters along with gaining competitive advantage. These benefits include -

  • Improved and enriched alerting services at lower cost
  • No large scale infrastructure is required, thus no upfront investments
  • Simple and easy to use and requires minimal human intervention
  • Web based interface gives remote monitoring and software maintenance services
  • Cloud based OTA services enable timely notification, thus bringing a competitive edge for the broadcaster
  • Multilingual and multi-media alerts enabling more interactive maps and user driven experience thus more value for broadcaster as well as viewer
  • Pay as you use model that will enhance the value of this service
  • Weather bulletins from GAIATV 3.0 plugs into the broadcasters station operations and unifies all available emergency notification services, to roll out one single alert communication, within the timeline.

How To Get On-Board GAIATV 3.0’s Advanced Weather Alerting Service?

As a value added service, GAIATV 3.0 brings weather bulletins as a service, tried and tested for the US market. Being an app based service, using pitcher, and catcher mechanism; it is extremely simple and ready-to-deploy solution. It does not need any complex integration or high-end infrastructure thus simple and cost-effective. It ensures timely, accurate and hi fidelity alert notifications all across.

The Road Ahead